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  • Looking at Options was surprised that the NetGate SG-4860-1U was EOS already.  That last one I purchased was in July and I think it was a great little unit.

    So now I have an issue I need a 1RU mountable unit, but I really only need the function in the SG-3100 verses the XG-7100.

    At almost $700 dollars difference I was wondering if anyone in the community can answer two questions to help with my decision –

    Short of a shelf has anyone found a way to mount the SG-3100 in a rack ?

    Given the need for a 4G link (dongle) is there any advantage to one box over the other --

    TIA ---

    PS:  This is the rack and why mountable is better than a shelf --

  • Just wanted to close this out –

    No option for the 3100 was found and the 7100 priced the solution out of the prospects ball park.

  • Did you ask Netgate if they still have one laying around somewhere?

    PS: Since when does Pelican offer 19" capable cases? SKB was the company with 19" plastic cases primarily.
    9RU with electronics is something I would do with a floating rack-in-rack usually.

  • Galactic Empire

    Unfortunately we're completely out of SG-4860-1U's (not counting the RMA stock). We will be introducing a couple of new units soon which might be interesting to you.

  • @jahonix

    Follow the link and you will see the Pelican case the customer wanted..

    An yes I did Ask –


    I will be watching here and in the store..

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