PFsense Unifi switch DHCP

  • I have the following config and am struggling in getting LAN attached devices with DHCP address

    Pfsense > Unifi USW 8 port > Unifi AP

    Port 3 192.168.2.x
    Port 3 assigned with VLAN 30,40,50,60 each with 192.168.30.x as an example


    • The SSID's all get DHCP 30,40,50
    • However the physical port on port 6 assigned to VLAN 60 dont
    • All of the devices USW, AP etc get their static IP address

    I am wondering whether I have to switch something else off in the USW / Unifi config on the DHCP side or whether something else needs configuring on the Pfsense router or whether I need to assign static IP / Mac address on Pfsense router. I am trying to swap out USG for Pfsense

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    So port 6 on your switch would not be tagged but native in vlan 60..

    Any questions on how to configure your switch for vlans should be directed to the doc for the makers of that switch.

    Pfsense is pretty simple.  Vlans on physical interface with vlan tag.

    If your saying devices on port 6 are not getting vlan 60 via dhcp.  Did you enable dhcp on vlan 60 on pfsense?

  • VLAN60 has DHCP and is port based (native) VLAN, all port based VLANs are not getting DHCP. The problem with going with two suppliers is that they each refer to each other for assistance.

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    Sorry but your switch config has zero to do with pfsense.  Your thread should really be in general help.

    What specific switch do you have from unifi?  Are you using the controller to manage it?  What version of controller, are you on the 5.8 line?  Im currently running 5.8.12 I would assume your using controller if you have a usg and AP.

    Once you go with 802.1q vlans you no longer have port based vlans.  It would just be a port in vlan X untagged.  Be more than happy to configure your switch.. If it was something I have experience with.  But I do not have a unifi switch to play with.

    This might be helpful
    A non-expert Guide to VLAN and Trunks in Unifi Switches

    I would love to help - I just do not use their switches, and if how you config is how the usg is - don't want to either ;)  Love their APs.. And want to get some of their camera's

    I can show you how to do in cisco.. Simple set the port to access and untagged vlan.. Takes all of 2 seconds.

    But here is the thing pfsense is going to either be untagged native on  an interface where pfsense doesn't have a clue to what the vlan is.. or its going to be a tagged vlan.  How your switches or devices deal with that has nothnig to do with pfsense.

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