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  • Thank you all for your time, I have a bit of a challenge and I thought I would reach out to the community for some suggestions.  I will include a map of my situation, but here it goes.

    My ISP provides me with 2 IP blocks for sake of security are:

    Block 1 –
    Block 2 --

    The current hardware configuration is as follows:

    ISP -> Cisco Catalyst 3550 Switch (Block 1) <- rip -> newly placed pfSense Firewall (Block 2)

    Detail about this setup:

    • Cisco Catalyst 3550 Switch with Block 1 addresses

    • IP Routing Enabled and Forwarding IP is set to

      • RIP enabled and to

      • RIP incoming: both versions

      • RIP outgoing: RIP v1

    • is routed to pfSense

    • NAT for to DMZ and DMZ2

    ![Network Map.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/Network Map.jpg)

    ![Network Map.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Network Map.jpg_thumb)

  • a description of the pfSense hardware would be useful as would an idea of how the 3550 is configured. (Your image, btw, is HUGE, I can't view much more than a few characters of it at a time)

    I think you should be able to replace the switch with the pfSense box and get rid of the internal RIP (is that from your ISP?).

  • Your image, btw, is HUGE

    No Lie!  :o

    ![Network Mapsm.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/Network Mapsm.jpg)
    ![Network Mapsm.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Network Mapsm.jpg_thumb)

  • you probably have a static wan  address that has 2 blocks routed to it ?
    why have 2 routers at all?

    you could just add both the /29 & the /24 on the same device ….. why add the complexity of forwarding one block to a secondary router ?

  • @chpalmer, thank you for resizing that for me, I did not realize the image was that large!

    @heper, from what my ISP told me, they provide access through the /29 and sold us a /24 block, all traffic goes through /29 and the Cisco switch that my predecessor put in was to forward all traffic from the /29 to the /24.  So my true gateway would be, and the /24 has all my web and email services on that network.

    @spoggle the pfsense hardware is the equivalent to Netgate's XG-1541 1U with an additional 4 port gig nic. 1 nic is WAN for /24 network, and the other nics are subnetted for the various networks I have.  DMZ & DMZ2 have a 1:1 NAT to the /24 addresses.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    So your /24 is routed through the 29.. To which IP in the 29 or you have to provide routing protocol to them to tell them what IP to hit in the /29 to get to the /24?

  • @johnpoz with the current setup that was put in place,

    My Cisco Switch has IP routing turned on and (/29) is the default route forwarding IP and its destination is the /24 through RIP

  • so basically you could just setup pfsense with wan (/29) & just put the /24 as VIPs  (with NAT) or use the /24 on 1 or more interfaces (without NAT)

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Yeah really not seeing the point of the 2 routers here.

  • @everyone

    I would like to thank you all for your advice and it was great advice.

    I was able to achieve my goal and remove the Cisco switch. @heper's suggestion, I put the /29 network as the WAN address and since I already had the /24 as VIPs, everything worked like a charm.  Thank you for guiding me!  Tomorrow morning, I am heading to my satellite office and putting in another pfsense box with a ipsec site to site vpn. I can now have uniformity between my 2 offices (already got that working in my test lab!  :) ).

    Thank you all for your help!

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