Ipv6 Webserver issues

  • I have a website behind Haproxy on Pfsense. I use HE Tunnelbroker for ipv6 and I can navigate out just fine from my LAN. My AAAA record resolves to my gateway just fine. I just can't access my website from the outside via ipv6. ipv4 works perfectly fine. I used the tunnelbroker guide on the wiki and it works fine. DHCPv6 and RA are working too.

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    " I use HE Tunnelbroker for ipv6"

    Then why are you putting rules on your wan?  The rules to allow ipv6 would be on your he interface.

    And your AAAA to resolve to the actual IPv6 address on your server..  Remember no NAT with ipv6.. You just allow the traffic through that you want on your HE interface to the actual global address of server.

  • The Tunnelbroker guide has no rules on the HE interface. What address would i use for rules?

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    you don't need any rules for outbound.

    But if you want to allow inbound then yes you would need rules.

    So see example of my henetv6 interface. I allow ping to my IP in the tunnel, and inbound to my ntp server that is part of the pool.

    then I allow ntp in, and also allow 33434-33625 so I can traceroute all the way to the box… So see 2nd pic

    There is no need to use reverse proxy to allow for hostnames and different forwards with IPv6 there is no nat and each server IPv6 address would be global and route on the internet.

  • That's an impressive network you have. I use my reverse proxy for https, I'll try with the reverse proxy later then. I can ping the host from outside now, but it seems that http isn't working just yet. Breaking out of my ipv4 mentality was hard, thanks!

  • I passed the test! Now to setup a mail server  ;D

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    Ah going for your HE cert nice!!!  Love the T-Shirt…

    Been Sage Since Jan of 2011 ;)

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