Feature Ideas

  • There are a couple of things I would like to see as a feature either as a plugin, or built in:

    1. - A way to set individual rules to enable or disable after a set amount of time.
    for Example - I would like to enable a rule - To test Ping connectivity, enable or reject, or block traffic etc. but then have the rule revert back to it's default after a set amount of time.  Like When the kids want to have extra Internet time - If I go in and disable the rule (Already on a schedule) that restricts Internet access at bed time, the rule would tun itself back on for the next day etc.

    2. - A way to integrate with IFTTT.

    For example - If this then that (IFTTT) could be use to enable and disable when I leave the house:

    • The IP camera IP Subnet on the DMZ.

    • Enable the OpenVPN

    • Disable Internet on IOT Devices such as Amazon Echo, XBOX, TVs Etc

    I could setup IFTTT to turn on services, logging, increase rules restrictions - Base on Internet attacks etc.

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