No internet connectivity (can pay)

  • Hello people, I would like to ask for help from someone who has the time. I've been having trouble changing my VPN provider recently and the pfSense setup tutorials are vastly different, unfortunatly I've somehow "destroyed" any internet access to my system/network during the install process. The VPN provider I'm switching from is PIA (Private Internet Access) and the one I'm switching to is NordVPN. I've spoken to NordVPN support for 2 days and both customer support agents said they don't know what's wrong and they've refered me to here anyway.

    Here is the tutorial that I've followed when setting up NordVPN:

    The actual problem is that I don't have any internet access on my systems connected to the pfSense device, I can't find what's wrong because the Status -> OpenVPN says that the connection is up and everything is fine, this is also what stumped NordVPN support so I'm hoping someone on this forum could help.

    If payment is required I can pay with $10 (BTC) if needed as I need this resolved.

    Below are all of the screenshots of my system including the OpenVPN status logs, NAT rules, Firewall rules, DNS rules and server configuration.

  • Since you haven't checked "Don't pull routes", the NordVPN gateway will be your default gateway. That means that any traffic including that one from pfSense itself (DNS) is routed to the VPN gateway. However, that won't work, cause you are missing an outbound NAT rule for pfSense.

    So either check "Don't pull routes" in the client settings or add an outbound NAT rule for to the NordVPN interface.
    The outbound NAT solution should avoid DNS leaks.

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