Failover not working as expected on reboot

  • I have 2 WAN connections configured however one of them is down (it's a new DSL line and it doesn't get connected at the exchange till tommrrow)

    I configured load balancing and failover pools.

    Load balancer status is correctly detecting WAN2 as offline, Firewall rule is set to route most traffic (https is set specifically to wan1) to wan1+wan2 and it works ok with just wan1 up.

    However on reboot i notice webpages often timeout and fail to load.
    I changed the firewall rule to WAN1 only and it solves it, I can then change it to wan1+wan2 again and it still works fine.

    Wan1 is connected to a DSL router in bridge mode (Passes external IP directly to pfsense) and is set to ping gateway @ Isp

    Wan2 Is connected to a DSL router in router mode with NAT on DMZ monitoring is set to ping one of the Ip's of a search engine, I've confirmed that that Ip can respond to ping  (I can't bridge WAN2 as it has the same Gateway as Wan1) which is why i'm using the router and not pinging the gateway (becuase pfsense sees the DSL router as its gateway for WAN2)

    It seems to me that even though Loadbalancer is correctly detecting wan2 as offline Pfsense itself isn't taking notice of this on startup and trying to route traffic down that wan anyway.

  • Things you could try
    add a DNS rule (picture)
    OpenDNS with static rules,13603.msg72761.html#msg72761

    ![pfSense.local - Firewall: Rules_1232907622557.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/pfSense.local - Firewall: Rules_1232907622557.png_thumb)
    ![pfSense.local - Firewall: Rules_1232907622557.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/pfSense.local - Firewall: Rules_1232907622557.png)

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