Ipsec routing from branch to central then internet driving me crazy

  • Hi guys
        recently I just got myself into a situation. I have to establish a site to site ipsec vpn from branch to central office over the internet. lan in branch and central are both using same LAN IP , so I did that BINAT thing. after the ipsec vpn established, both office could communicate each other. However, I was asked to make the branch office accessing the internet only through the central office over ipsec.
        I googled and I found this https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Routing_internet_traffic_through_a_site-to-site_IPsec_tunnel#Allow_IPsec_traffic_through_the_firewall
        But now the branch office is still accessing the internet with its WAN interface instead of ipsec. 
        I'm thinking maybe it's the nat rules or routing problems, any hints would be great.

        PFSENSE VERSION: 2.4.2

    The Best

  • IPsec policies have routing preference over everything on the system (pretty much). If you create a tunnel with destination, the tunnel goes up and something is misconfigured, I guess you wouldn't get internet access at all instead of getting routed through the regular WAN.

    Post your detailed configuration

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