Recently Log entries: Gateway Alarm and OpenVPN endpoints may have changed

  • On 4/17, I started receiving these messages in the General and Gateway logs.  I have been away from home for over a week and haven't made any recent changes to my pfSense setup, so I'm not sure why they started or what's causing them.

    Also, any help on resolving them would be appreciated.  Happy to provide additional information or perform diagnostics, I'm not sure where to begin since it started randomly.

    System General log:  this series of entries repeats 2 or 3 times in short time period each day:

    Gateway Log:

  • Netgate Administrator

    Your ping target, which by default is the gateway IP, did not respond to monitoring pings in a reasonable time so an alarm was triggered.

    That alarm triggers those other actions when it clears.

    You may want to choose a different target to monitor, your ISPs gateway may not be configured to respond to pings as a priority.

    If that's your only WAN it may not be useful to trigger those events when the alarm clears in which case you can set 'Disable Gateway Monitoring Action' in System > Routing > Gateways. You will still see ping stats but no action will be taken.


  • Hi Steve - thanks for the reply!  I will disable the monitoring.

    It seemed unusual that I'm just now seeing the errors after 3 months of uptime, which is what concerned me.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Probably something changed at your ISP or they were doing maintenance etc. Certainly not unusual.


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