Maximum lease duration not taking affect

  • Hi
    The lease of the ip handled out by The pfsense dhcp is only 2 hours. I adjusted that in the dhcp server under the appropriate interface by setting maximum lease time to 43200 and minimum to 43100. But if I connect to it I do get an ip from it but the lease duration shown by windows and pfsense status is only 2 hours.
    I have restarted the dhcp service several times still no luck.

    I have deployed captive portal and created few rolls that are 12 hours some are 24 hours which will be the most used ones some are 4 months long. I have a static reservation for the 4 months one I do not want the 2 hour lease to kick in and kick out a user whose voucher is valid for another 10 hours,  have have those clients  be asked after each couple of hours for the voucher code.

    Is there anything else that needs to be done to set the lease?
    Using pfsense 2.4.2-Release amd 64.

    I read some where to keep the default lease time in dhcp equal or greater the the hard timeout of cp, I have not set that in cp as I have rolls that are either 12 hours some are 24 hours others are 4 months.


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