Local VOIP - no incoming calls

  • Hi all

    First of all my thanks to the active users of this forum, I was able to solve quite some issues with all the discussions I found over the years. But now I simply cannot get my IP phone to work at home. I already set up some 3CX servers with external VOIP trunks in the offices, but here with the Fritzbox there is a problem:

    My modem and SIP registrar is a Fritzbox 7390, there is a pfSense box and behind the firewall a Yealink IP Phone. The network looks as follows:

    Internet | Fritzbox | –-------- (WAN) | pfSense | (LAN) ---------- Yealink IP Phone

    There are NAT and Firewall rules enabled on the WAN address to for ports UDP 5060 (SIP) and UDP 11700-11800 (RTP for Yealink) and there are the corresponding outgoing NAT rules/static ports from to WAN enabled.

    The registration from the Yealink to the Fritzbox and outgoing calls work, but there are no incoming calls. I tried several different settings, especially the tipps in the pfSense docs on VOIP, but without success.
    If I connect the Yealink IP phone directly to the Fritzbox, everything works perfectly, so I'm sure that the SIP related settings are correct.

    Does anyone have an idea where the problem could be or how I could proceed with troubleshooting?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Delete all the rules you created for SIP/RTP then start analyzing your SIP traffic.

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