FreeRadius manual clients.conf edit

  • Hello!
    I have succesfully edited freeradius package clients.conf file, the service works as it should after service restart


    the configuration page in pfSense did not populate with newly added entries, how do I refresh (and keep it up to date) the "NAS / Clients" (/pkg.php?xml=freeradiusclients.xml) page ?

    2.4.2-RELEASE-p1 (amd64)
    freeradius3 0.15.5

  • Banned

    Make all changes in the GUI, those will be stored in the XML and the .conf files will be generated by pfSense. Don't edit the .conf files directly.

  • Managing 100+ APs in GUI is painful. Where is that XML file located ?

  • Galactic Empire

    Would be nice if the FreeRadius package had a copy function like the firewall rules section.

    I hand out specific IP addresses, gateways and routes, its a bit of a pain having to re-enter IP addresses, gateways and routes, if a copy function existed I'd just need to edit the last octet of the IP address per new user.

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