X-1537 temperature issues

  • Hi
    We recently bought 2 XG-1537, these came with extra expansion cards preconfigured (2 port Chelsio T520-SO-CR 10).
    Now we notice that the temperature exceeding recommended operation temp at 55 °C and are now 72 and 75 °C.

    Adding an extra fan on the cards would most likely solve this, but as they are shipped without I suspect that this would not be necessary.

    Do any of you have similar experience with this ?


  • Netgate Administrator

    Those cards always run hot. 55°C is the maximum ambient temperature not the on-die temperature the sensor is measuring. That looks like a normal value.

    The sensors widget is configured with nominal values it doesn't the orange/red limits from anywhere. You can reconfigure those if you wish.


  • Nice to hear, thank you for your reply :)

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