CF whith installation from CD not embedded, lifetime?

  • I could not get embedded workning and was in a hurry, i installed from cd to CF. For how long will the CF 2GB sandisc ultra 2
    (new) be reliable before it reach it nedds to be replaced? Its a small net with 5 user.

    I have a watt meter and when i replaced the harddrive it still take the same 47w. The harddrive was giving a lot of heat
    and the CF is not. Why the same watt?

  • Try searching the forum.  The answer depends on the quality of the underlying card.

  • Another option which has been alleged to be unsupported (as you would also find while searching) is to install full then edit
    and change "pfSense" to "embedded" - this cuts out most disk writes (other than config changes, obviously).

  • I'd expect most types of flash memory thesedays perform some type of wear leveling.

    How long they'd last running the full version of PFSense I have no idea but i'd hope to get at least 6 months out of a 2gb card.

    That said i'm willing to risk it as i want to run TinyDNS as a dns cache and lets face it CF cards don't exactly break the bank thesedays. :D

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