Disk Full After Upgrade

  • Hi,

    First of all, while I'm comfortable with Linux, I'm not so with FreeBSD; so this may well have a simple answer.

    I'm running pfSense on an old thin client and it works well enough.  I tried to upgraded to 2.4.3 today and it failed to reboot.  A quick look at the boot messages showed that the internal SSD disk (small 2GB capacity) was full.  It wouldn't even allow me to log in locally, citing errors in PHP.

    I downloaded a FreeBSD boot disk and burnt it to an USB device.  I used that to successfully boot into the device, where I attempted to mount the internal SSD.  This failed, but a quick Google told me to fsck the disk.  This found a few issues which it offered to repair.  I accepted and mounted the slice.

    I used du -sh * to narrow it down to /var/cache/pkg which made sense considering it had just downloaded some updates.  I deleted everything within and df -h shows the SSD is now only 47% full.

    I rebooted, but pfSense still believes it's 100% full.

    My understanding is that's there is only one partition on this SSD - /dev/ada0s1a and gpart seems to agree.

    This is made slightly more difficult as I can't log in locally.  Everything has to be done by rebooting into the FreeBSD USB stick to work on the SSD.

    Am I missing something here?

  • Get a bigger storage device

  • Why?  It's only 47% full once the files have been deleted; according the FreeBSD.  Does pfSense not recognise deleted files?  If that's the case, then given enough time, even the largest of disks would get full.  What would be the answer then?  :)

    The reason I haven't got a larger device is that the thin client I'm using has a rather strange right-angle fitting SSD which I can't find in a larger capacity.  While I could swap out the whole system, apart from the SSD capacity, it's quite good in that it has low power consumption and a PCI slot for an extra NIC.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If you do not have room for /var/cache/pkg your storage is not large enough.

    2GB should be enough for a basic system. You might have something else lingering about like old pkg logs or a squid cache or something.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Which part does it actually show as full?

    I assume you installed with no swap slice?

    If you have RAM to spare you might try moving /var and /tmp to RAM drives in System > Adv. > Misc.


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