External Connection Times Out to Gateway IP

  • We have been using Pfsense router with NAT rules in place for an outside company to transfer files to a computer on our network.  I did all of the port forwarding from their external IP to the internal IP.  And using the ports they asked for.  No issues with that.

    But this became a problem when we moved them to another PfSense router on a different subnet internally.  I copied the exact same settings from router 1 to router 2.  They continue to get a Connection Timed Out error on the new router.

    There is only one difference in equipment: The new router is using Spectrum ISP.  Their modem is in Bridge mode with a Static IP address. The original ISP is Megapath, but I don't know if that is setup in Bridge mode, I would assume it is since that one is still connecting to router 1 and works fine.

    The Port Forwarding is in place for 443, 80, 8081, 22, among a few other misc ports.

    I am using a program called ZenMap on my Mac to see if any ports are blocked.  80 and 443 were blocked when I have a NAT / 1:1 setup, but once I disabled that rule, those ports are no longer on the blocked list.

    Is it possible the Spectrum modem is blocking access?

    And how else can I test from the outside if the WAN/Gateway is accessible?

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