Comcast gig shaping upload speed to fix bufferbloat

  • hey all

    i started playing with ts again. i have comcast 1g/35 upload. my current settings and only getting 20meg upload.. Yes I had too much fun shaping traffic to get an A+  on upload..with no shaping at all bufferbloat is an F.  Please stop laughing at ME.. LOL… And yes I have the rules ack/q in place.. Can someone with comcast gig service share how their setup..

    heres screenshots 

  • Netgate

    If uploading more that 20Mbit/sec results in bufferbloat and you are supposed to have more then you need to be calling Comcast, not posting here.

  • I'm thinking a setting got out of wack or I entered something in % wrong.

  • Netgate

    pfSense will not buffer bloat. If increasing the bandwidth makes buffer bloat happen it is at the ISP.

    Send slow enough, no bloat. increase the upload speed, the ISP starts to buffer.

    Simple as that.

  • pfSense could cause bloat if the user configured some large queues.

    FairQ+Codel on the WAN should do the trick.

  • Netgate

    If they manually introduced bloat that's on them.

  • @Derelict:

    If they manually introduced bloat that's on them.

    I know most of us know that, but "will not" could give the wrong impression that it's impossible. It just won't out of the box. Then you get some people that are all like "zomg, packetloss, make the buffer arbitrarily bigger" and give out bad help. I was just making sure they knew that they could mess it up. Happy Friday  :-)

  • thanks guys…

    I think its fixed