Port Forwarding.

  • Hello,

    Im stuck with trying to forward to on Port 3299

    Both networks are Local networks and I tried to add a Forwarding Configuration in Firewall/NAT/Portforward
    Still I cant Telnet from to 3299 (telnet 3299)

    Can someone help me, I'm not very experienced with this stuff :/

    BR, Bfnti

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    So did you remove the default block rfc1918 rule on your wan?

    Did you go through the troubleshoot guide?

  • This are the Settings.
    Im going to read the Information from your link.

  • Do you have a firewall rule that stops traffic between subnets ( /24 ?) and ( /24 ?)
    Any access rule has to be on top of that to be effective. Otherwise everything is just blocked when the first rule hits.

    Since you want access from port 3299 to port 3299 all you need is a firewall rule granting access. No NAT necessary.
    Did you even create an associated firewall rule along with your NAT entry?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    your forwarding on your lan interface?

    Lets start with a basic diagram of your network…

    You don't port forward between subnets connected to pfsense as "lan" side networks.  You only port forward from a wan to a lan where your doing nat, etc.

  • Sorry, the is a NAT adress.
    I checked the settings on (sap router)
    and the gateway was set to and this is a miktrotik router so I changed the gw to wich is my pfSense

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