IPSec between pfSense Mobile Client <–> Windows XP with Linsys free VPN client

  • Does somebody already try (with success) configuring the pfSense mobile client "interface" and accessing it from Windows XP either by manipulating the Windows IPSec tool "ipseccmd.exe" or using a free client like "Linsys" (http://pfsense.com/index.php?id=33) ?

    I'm using a "My Identifier" of type "Domain name" in the pfSense webGUI config. But where is the equivalent in Linsys, TauVPN or ipseccmd ? If somebody has a solution for ipseccmd I can make a small GUI frontend to automate this painly configuration process.

    http://openbsd.cz/~pruzicka/vpn.html#4 is a good start with something like this :

    ipseccmd.exe -u
    ipseccmd.exe -f 0= -n ESP[3DES,SHA] -t xxx.dyndns.org -a PRESHARE:"shared_secret_password" -1s 3DES-SHA-2
    ipseccmd.exe -f -n ESP[3DES,SHA] -t myipaddress -a PRESHARE:"shared_secret_password" -1s 3DES-SHA-2

    The question is : how do I specify the server "My Identifier" field (i.e. a domain name) ?

    Thanks a lot,

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