Intermittent Port Forwarding

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    I have a Unifi controller I port forward to specific friends (DDNS -> alias -> IPs) to host their Unifi stuff. It works fine for a few hours at a time then their devices disconnect and the only way I have found to get everything to start working again is to go through my NAT rules, change something, change it back, reboot PFSense, then reboot the controller. It's getting annoying and I can't figure out why. I have the Port Forwarding rules page pictured. The Firewall rules are the default ones made by these port forwarding rules and I have one of the individual port forwarding rules posted. Each rule is copied from the first one with the port changed. It is also worth mentioning that another Port Forwarded (words?) device is under essentially the same situation and has no problems (it's the grayed out device at the bottom of the port forwarding rules).

    The topology is Internet -> PFSense VPS -> RA (Open)VPN -> Unifi controller. I run PFSense in the cloud for now because of the higher bandwidth. I plan on installing PFSense on my home network but I want to work out these bugs before taking the leap. For now, I have the controller being forwarded to the Internet by PFSense for the inbound IP filtering.

    Obvious, if there is any other logs or info I can provide that would be helpful, post what is needed. Thanks!

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