Looking for advice on hardware for home

  • My internet connection at home is 100Mbps download and about 3Mbps upload. I do not see it going above 100Mbps at the foreseeable future (upload might increase if the ISP does it but download will not)
    I will be connecting from time to time from the internet to my home network using OpenVPN and accessing on that VPN connection various devices on my home network (e.g. NVR to check a camera or other devices (current bandwidth is enough as it works today without a VPN).

    I was thinking about the SG-1000 or buying some other small fanless PC (I can assemble it as I do know how but I do not want the guess work of will it work or not).

    Would the SG1000 suffice? Any advice on a fanless please provide a link/list of parts that you do know that works (Note I will want to upgrade to version 2.5 when it comes out so AES-NI support is needed).


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    The sg-1000 can more than handle a 100/3 internet connection…


    The sg-1000 will be supported under 2.5...
    On ARM-based systems, the additional load from AES operations will be offloaded to on-die cryptographic accelerators, such as the one found on our SG-1000. ARM v8 CPUs include instructions like AES-NI that can be used to increase performance of the AES algorithm on these platforms.

    Do you have a budget?  I love my sg-4860 ;)  But its prob a bit overkill for you and a bit higher budget.  Have you looked at the 3100.. Is that in your budget?  If not the sg-1000 is pretty budget friendly.. And should be more than enough for your typical home connection.

  • Really happy with my SG-3100 for home. Built in switch has a 2.5Gb connection to the processor, dual WAN (I have LTE on my second WAN connection), and meets your other requirements. I have gigabit here and it covers things fine so it might be more than you're looking for at the moment but investing in the future is a good idea.

  • Decided to go with the SG-3100. Since I will (probably) not be replacing this unit in the near future I prefer one with better growth options.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Nice!!! Lets us know how it works out.. Any questions here to help ;)  I have a 3100 at office, but it is production so while I can play with it a bit and provide screenshots on how to do something.. Any sort of major config change to test bed something to help is difficult on that unit..

    The switch ports can be a bit of learning curve.. But there are some great posts by Derelict on config of them.

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