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  • Hello All
    I am a pfsense somewhat newbi and in need of some advice on setting up an Pfsense firewall router build.

    Recently FTTH (Cincinnati Bell Fioptics ) has become available in my area. Sped is advertised as 500 Mbit down and somewhere around 75 or 100 Mbit up.
    I will be moving from DSL over POTS line to FTTH.
    I currently have a home network with 2 printers, 2 pc, 2 phones, a tablet, and a smart LG tv included. the phones and tablet use wifi. Also in the future is VOIP.
    My goal is to setup a VPN for internet browsing security as well as and intrusion detection package available in pfsense.

    With that said, my question is this, What intel cpu would be the best to use. A celeron, Pentium, core i3, or core i5. Also what has the most effect on processing power, the number of cores or the number of process threads supported.

    I have found a motherboard at the local Microcenter that supports all of the above processors as well as having an intel onboard nic as well as a pci experss port for an intel quad port nic I already have.

    The motherboard is an ASUS H110M-A/M.2

    With careful shopping i hope to assemble this for around  $200 to $250 dollars.

    I know I could find and old pc that would support this for less but I have already done that and with pfsenses new AES-NI being ready to be rolled out in the next year I just don't want to rise a wrong choise and purchase something under powered or out of date.

    Thank You for your Help!

  • Netgate Administrator

    The most restrictive thing on that list is the VPN. If you need to be able to push the full 500Mbps over OpenVPN then you need to choose one of the high end CPUs on that list.

    For everything else I would think any 6th gen CPU would have no problems at 500Mbps.


  • Thank You for your responce.

    I have decided to go with what the PFsense box that I have and upgrade later.

    Thank You.

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