Wifi client for multiple LTE/WAN connections

  • hello pfsense and network experts!

    I am looking for a device, with that I can use multiple WAN connections

    • use LTE through a Wifi Hotspot
      that would be the easyest method because I have some LTE Hotspots already and so I can use simply every mobile phone…

    -> looking for a stable wifi client for pfSense

    • standard WAN with ethernet port (not a problem)
    • are the SIM slots of the PC Engines APU.3C2 Board supported by pfSense?

    thanks for your suggestions!

  • Netgate Administrator

    OS support for SIM slots is not normally required as they are wired directly to pins on the modem device vis whatever slow that is using. However it looks like the 3C2 has dual SIM support that can be swapped in software by poking the right GPIOs. I'm not ware of any support for that in pfSense though it's probably not hard to do. I'm not sure how you would use it though. Failover between cell networks? PAYG SIMs with credit on each? Not sure how you would monitor that and switch it though, there's certainly nothing in pfSense to do that currently.


  • I have one TP-Link MR3040 and ordered now a TL-WR902AC.
    with them I have 2 Wifi Clients for pfSense. Not sure if this will be the best solution… but it should work.

  • Netgate Administrator

    How exactly are you planning to use those devices?


  • I plan to connect with the TP Link devices to Wifi hotspots (e.g. smartphone, LTE hotspot (netgear), tablet…) for WAN for pfSense

  • Netgate Administrator

    Mmm, OK. That could work. It may not be the most reliable thing ever.  ;)

    Many of those devices might be able to provide a USB/Ethernet connection directly which would be far better. The RP-Link devices can connect directly to USB 3g/4g devices then connect back to pfSense by Ethernet….

    There are probably a number of possible configurations here.

    In all honesty though you might be better using OpenWRT on the TP-Link directly for this sort of setup.


  • Hi,

    what will do OpenWRT better?
    I just need a "WAN" connection.. this works
    with the TP Link Firnmware.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Better at handling usb ethernet devices which means 3g/4g connections. If you can remove wifi from that setup I think you will have a much better result. It might give you more flexibility with the hotspot hardware though.

    I think the result of this is unlikely to be what you hope it will unfortunately.


  • Hi,
    you would prefer to attach USB-4G-Modems to the TP Link devices instead of connecting them via Wifi wo another hotspot?

    yes, the flexibility would be the best with the wifi… because on some sites we wanna do Video live streaming is internet only available through a wifi.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Like I say removing the wifi link if it's not required would definitely be what I would do.

    I don't know what sort of load balancing OpenWRT offers though.


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