Two WAN, two DHCP setup

  • Hi, I have 4 nic in system and 2 WAN IPs. I want to setup as two separate LAN

    WAN1 -> LAN1
    WAN2 (OPT1) -> LAN2 (OPT2)

    Both are separate, no VLAN, just using dummy switches.

    I have setup WAN1 with DHCP, then when I try to set DHCP for WAN2, it only allows static IP. I could setup 2 instance of pfsense, but I prefer to keep it in 1 instance. Is that possible?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Post what you are actually seeing. You can certainly have more than one DHCP WAN.

  • Thanks, I re setup everything and yes, I can get multiple DHCP now.

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