1:1 more then 4 ip

  • hello all! i have a problem … ok my isp gave me a block of 64ip on internet ( /26 ) i want dispatch my 64 ip to virtual machine and real physical machine...

    i have made the setup same as indicated on many website and work good for the 4 first ip but the other one not i have try many thing with no success ... do you know what can be my problem ?
    i put you some picture of my config ...

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    If you want to use your /26 behind pfsense why would you not just have it routed to you?  Then you wouldn't have to nat even you could put these machines on that netblock and just firewall.

    Why don't you sniff and validate traffic hits your wan, and is sent on out to the machine..  If traffic is sent on to the machine and it doesn't answer then issue is on the machine - firewall common problem, different gateway another common problem, etc.

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