No Internet connection until I reseat the WAN cable

  • Hi, after many attempts at moving my pfSense-router I finally have it set up on the new machine.

    The only problem is that when I reboot the router I have to unplug and replug the WAN cable and only then can I get an Internet connection on the LAN side.

    I can connect to the webConfigurator also most of the times.

    The router itself has internet access as I can ping "" without any issues from the shell.
    When I try to do that on a device conected to the LAN interface it only works after reseating the WAN cable.

    After that everything works fine.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate is a bad example, it's anycasted and not all of the servers respond to ICMP echo (ping), if any.

    If you are getting a response from, it's probably not coming from what you expect or want. Use a different target.

  • Its the same with any other adress, was just an example.

  • What does the browser says when it doesn't work?  Amazingly return/un-returned message has meaning…

    SITE UNREACHABLE = routing issue/missing gateway.
    SITE NOT FOUND = no DNS resolution.
    SITS FOR A WHILE BEFORE RETURNING ERROR = TTL timeout, packet dropped by somebody in transit. Sometimes congestion.