All WAN traffic point to the pfsense portal

  • Not sure what I did wrong, but all my IP's are accessing the PFSense portal form the WAN

    I have installed the VMWare version (Gold), In VMWare I have 2 vswitch, 1 WAN (Ports 3-4) and 1 LAN (Port 1-2).  On install I have selected the corresponding network for LAN and WAN. I have a /28 (13 usuable IP) I have set the first one to PFSense and all the other as Virtual IP's. I then made NAT rules poiting to the internal VMWare Machine.

    From PFSesne under diagnostic I can ping all the machine. Inside the network all the machine ping themself. All the machine have access to the Web. But when I try for example to connect to the web server using IP, I arrive to the PFSense login page (and not the web server). All the traffic is not getting in.

    All the NAT rules are:

    WAN->VirtualIP->Ports->Ports->Internal IP

  • Netgate Administrator

    Are you trying to access the internal VMs using their external IP? From a machine on the internal subnet?



  • Hi thanks, was not the problem. I had added the openvpn using the wizard and the bugged rule made it so all traffic was going to the pfsense ip. Still need to do the openvpn but that's for an other question :)

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