No IP given/accepted

  • Since a few hours I have an endless

    DHCPOFFER on to 7c:dd:90:85:c4:ea via igb1.1007
    DHCPDISCOVER from 7c:dd:90:85:c4:ea via igb1.1007

    In the DHCP log op PFS, normaly I would expect DHCPREQUEST followed by a DHCPACK on. This is one mobile device, that's logged in on a Access Point (from the logging of the AP, I can see they are connected), but this one isn't getting an IP?

    Can anyone shine some light on it,

    Cheers Qinn

  • Hi,

    In case of doubt, fireshark the DHCP dialog.

  • @Gertjan:


    In case of doubt, fireshark the DHCP dialog.

    Thanks, I did that, but didn't see nothing that could explain it. For now it seems the power from the AP was too low and the distance to this client was too far so RSSI was -83 and connection could not be made. I raised the power to 23dBm and instantly connection was made.
    Although I am not fond of raising the power from one direction, as the connection is made from both side AP to client and client to AP, it did work?

  • Nice touch !

    The DHCPDISCOVER means that an initial UDP packet came through, because logged and answered as such on pfSEnse.
    One tends to say that the "data path" = the connection works.

    The DHCPOFFER uses the same path back and probably never made it.

    (or : worse : the mobile device didn't understand the "DHCPOFFER"  from pfSense, and then you're out of business right away, mobile device are hard to debug  ;)).

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