Auto log off

  • when I login in certain sites and during browsing auto log off happened many times maximum time for log in was 5-8 sec
    is it something related to timeouts ??

    when I change Firewall Optimization Options from normal to conservative this decreases little bit I can login for these sites for 8-10 sec and auto log off happened

    any ideas ?? I face big problem

  • by using chrome inspecting tool I found that error when logout occur
    "status 302 found"
    this error not occur when using any other network outside pfsense

  • First thought is asymmetric routing. Are the TCP states getting established?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Muli-WAN with load balancing can appear like this with some sites that do not handle connections from different sources well. Haven't seen that in a while though, most stuff seems to just deal with it now.

    More information needed. How is your network setup?


  • I have multiwan (load balancing) and when I create a rule for this site to use 1 gateway the problem solved

    Thanks Alot  8)

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