SG-3100 new install LAN link fail

  • Today I attempted the install of my new SG-3100, replacing a Netgear FVS336Gv3 firewall / router for my home. Netgear is no longer supporting the FVS336G, and I am eager to explore pfSense.

    I cabled my WAN and two leftmost LAN ports 1 and 2, to rooms 1 and 2. No problem with the install or WAN connection or network access through LAN2 to room 2. But I get no LED link lights from LAN1 to room 1, and no network access.

    The ethernet cable for LAN1 travels through the walls of my small condo over builder-installed wiring, including a splice at an old telephone jack and on into an equipment closet. When I switched back to the old Netgear FW the link is live again with network access.

    Switching LAN ports, cabling LAN 1 to room 2 gives me LED link lights and network access, but cabling LAN2 to room 1 again fails.

    Could the LAN ports of the SG-3100 be under-powered compared to the Netgear FW, resulting in the loss of signal for this particular cable run? How might I solve this? I deeply appreciate any ideas!

    • Ken

  • There is no such thing as "underpowered" for network connections (if you don't think PoE, of course).

    Either the cable pairs are crossed over or only 2 conductor pairs are used in the cable (instead of all 4). Might be even both. This may result in the SG-3100 not recognizing the link.
    If you have a switch handy then connect room1 to it and look at the LEDs if it links with 100MBit or 1GBit.

  • Thank you so much for your attention and reply!

    I know you are correct about power, but I'm baffled here, since the NetGear hardware firewall/router makes the connection while the Netgate SG-3100 does not. I imagine successful or failure link behavior between the two should be the same!

    Yesterday I did connect the SG-3100 LAN1-Room 1 to a Netgear switch I have and did not see any LED's light. But I will try it again this weekend. My wife and daughter are on the network pretty-much 24x7 so I have to work around them or they get crabby!!

    Any ideas to test continuity of the conductors from each end of the cable run?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Yeah use a cable tester.

    Anything from something you might get at a home center to an LRAT-2000 or better.

    Something like this will do what you need.

  • Probably even something like this will tell you about the wires:
    even though I don't like these kind of "testers" too much. But for the price point and because you probably won't use it much after it's ok.

  • Thank you jahonix and Derelict! I'll purchase and use a cable tester as my next step. I'll reply with my results, likely next week.

    • Ken

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