Magic to make port 55555 respond from port 22

  • Hello,

    Unsure in which subforum to put this question, or even how to formulate the topic..

    Anyhow, I'm hosting a sftp file server accessible from the outside, but its accessible only through my VPN provider for privacy and security. The VPN provider can only open a very nonstandard port (between port 40.000 and 65k).
    This IP/port is NAT'ed and forwarded to the appropriate host/port. It works great.

    Problem is when connecting, you have to specify this high port, which is blocked from my office, i need it to be accessible from standard port 22 - which I cannot do if i want to remain anonymous via the VPN.

    The problem would be resolved if it was possible to specify port numbers in public DNS records, but now its not..

    Can anyone think of some solution which achieves all the goals here?

    I do own a few domain names to be able to play with forwards and public DNS records and so forth

    Thank you

  • ?? how would dns solve an issue that your employer has blocked a certain portrange ?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    If your service listen on X, and X is blocked - dns has zero to do with that..

    Either listen on Y which is not blocked, or get X unblocked at the company.

  • I was thinking maybe there was some online service which transparently PAT'ed traffic or something

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