Google Wifi IPV6

  • Hi there,

    Has anyone had luck setting up ipv6 to work with Google Wifi after PFsense?

    Bridge modem -to- PFsense -to- Google Wifi.

    Any device connected direct to PFsense works fine with ipv6, but I have not had luck getting wifi devices working connected to the Google Wifi.

    In reading, Google requires ipv6 to be handed over via dchpv6.  I also tried connecting Google Wifi direct to my ISP modem and it works perfect on ipv6, which leads me to believe it's a setup issue on pfsense.

    And setup info you have done to make this work would be great at this point!

    Thanks in advance

  • I don't have any Google Wifi (we will call it GWF) experience but since you aren't getting any help….

    Ideally you want your GWF to act as an "access point" so that would be a start for a Google search. If GFW does not have an "access point" mode then you could set up pfsense to delegate a subnet for the GFW. That means the GFW is acting as a router that is responsible for a subnet. So for IPv6 you would need to assign a /64 subnet to the GFW which means you have to know how to get more than 1 /64 subnet from your ISP.

    That isn't a how to, but hopefully point in direction to help you ask the right questions.

  • Sadly, gwf can't do bridge and mesh which is why I got gwf really.

    As it stands I have pfsense with a dhcpv6 server handing gwf a ipv6 address and prefix, but it doesn't seem to have internet access on wifi connected devices.  There has to be something I'm missing.  Hopefully someone has had some luck and can share what they have done.

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