• I updated my HP Elite 8200 BIOS to one that is supposed to address Spectre/Meltdown, seemed like a good idea. But since then I have noticed a decrease in throughput as measure by iperf down from ~600Mb/s to ~400Mb/s on a G connection. Does that seem even remotely possible? Thoughts?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    600Mbps on Gig is low if you ask me..

    How exactly are you doing the iperf test… You should do the test through pfsense - not to as either the client or the server..

    A valid iperf test would be

    Iperf client --- pfsense --- Iperf server

    Are you running vms on this box along with pfsense, were some of the vms are different customers or outside of your control?  If not there is little reason to apply these patches..  And yes it has been stated that such patches could be cause a performance hit.

  • Netgate Administrator

    What CPU is in that? The specs I'm seeing look like a 3GHz i5 in which case both those numbers look way too low.


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