ISP changed Satellite, my internal subnets cannot get to the 'net

  • I have a PC running pfSense 2.4.3 as my router.  As I am rural, my only available option for an Internet connection is by satellite connection.  Until last week this worked fairly well.  But then my ISP switched satellites, replaced my modem to a model RG-1000, and reaimed my dish.  Now, I cannot get devices on my 3 subnets, LAN, OPT1 and OPT2 to connect to the internet, though I can ping successfully from the pfSense box.

    There doesn't seem to be any wireless capability with this modem, and the ISP has no alternatives to this unit presently. (Nor will they return me to the previous satellite and modem!)  As I have no alternative ISP I can switch to, I'm pretty much stuck with this ISP.  Their support after the satellite switch has been exceedingly dreadful.

    The physical layout:

    Onboard Ethernet adapter WAN <–-> RG1000 modem  IP is assigned by DHCP, with a 1 hour lease. (No static lease available yet)  Have had IPs ranging from to  Subnet Mask  Gateway

    em0  LAN <---> (House) Switch <---> TV, AV, IoT, Game Devices.  Units are either Static Addressed or Static Leased

    em1 OPT1 <---> (Workshop) Switch <---> PCs, Printers, Payment Device  Units are either Static Addressed or Static Leased

    em2 OPT2 <---> (Workshop) Switch <---> Ubiquity Cloud Key, 2 Ubiquity APs. (1 in the workshop, 1 in the House)  Units are either Static Addressed or Static Leased.  Cell phones, tablets, notebooks.

    In this layout, I can communicate successfully across the internal subnets, but not to the internet.  I'm guessing that I'm missing some setting(s) in the pfSense box, but after trying a number of things, and reading material on this forum, as well as the web, I am stumped.

    When I hooked a single notebook to the modem, by DHCP it got an IP in the (?) range, and was able to connect to the web successfully, though the latency times were in the 600-700ms range.  When I hooked the modem to a switch, and hooked up the workshop devices, by DHCP  they were assigned IPs from the same range, (100.112 [.2 or .8].xxx), though once again the latency times were very long. I'm guessing that is the reason my payment machine fails to function properly or reliably; it operated well in the pre-satellite switch situation.  The unit will report NO CONNECTION.  The same is happening to the PCs hooked to the switch in this 'test' configuration.

    I would like to use pfSense as my router, and I was happy with the physical layout listed above.  I've had experience with pfSense for some time; my parent's farm has a PC based pfSense box with 2 subnets but with a DSL connection.  It has been rock solid.

    I have tinkered with a bunch of settings on my current installed pfSense box, so I intend to reload it this week.  Has anyone had this type of problem and could suggest what I can do to get my network running as in the past?


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