IPsec and Vlans

  • So because of some local restrictions, I need to switch to IPsec for VPN. But I would like to do some selective routing. As it stands now everything is on the LAN network and routed over OpenVPN, I use an alias to route the servers and VMs out to the WAN and port forward as needed.

    What I would like to do is setup an IPsec connection for all LAN traffic and have all VLAN traffic outbound over the default WAN.

    Fiber Provider box(static IP)


    PFsense (dual NIC one WAN and one LAN)


    unifi switch

    |                    |

    LAN          1 Vlan for server/VMs



    Just wondering if this is possible with Pfsense because when I set it up like this and activate the IPsec the Vlan is inaccessible. Would this would if I had more than 2 physical NICs?

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