New install - Access from WAN

  • I just did a new installation, and I am having an internal routing issue I am still trying to figure out to get access to the LAN port.

    Is there any way I can grant Allow Remote Management without logging into the LAN side WebConfigurator?

    If anyone is a guru at routing, I could use some help.

    I have a network with 3 VLANS 113, 116 & the new 168.

    I have a 3850 Fiber switch, with a Port-Channel Group to a 3750 stack.

    I have the Channel Group trunked to allow VLANs 113, 116 and 168.

    From the switches, I can ping the router, which has a router on a stick configuration with dot1q 168 and an IP address of

    From the switches, I can also ping the PFSENSE IP of

    I cannot, however, ping the from a PC on the 113 VLAN plugged into the 3850 Switch, though I can ping which is the router.

    Each switch's VLAN IP is:

    I have tried multiple route statements on the router (2911), but they are not getting access from PC's on the 113 VLAN to the 168.

    Any ideas on a route statement on the router that will get the 113 VLAN on the 3850 access? Then I could configure the PFSENSE box to allow remote management!

    Appreciate the help!

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    draw this if you want help please.

  • OK, gimme a bit to get one made. Thanks

  • Netgate Administrator

    You can add a firewall rule to allow access from the WAN at the console:

    Are you really using


  • Generally, we don't want appliances to be directly exposed to the internet for security reasons.  pfSense is great, but it's better to add another layer of protection in case there's some vulnerability discovered some day that lets hackers get into your exposed pfSense.  I do remote access all the time, but I use the built-in OpenVPN to connect to pfSense over the internet, then log into the pfSense web GUI through that.  Slightly more effort but much safer.

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