PF sense Intro Squid+HTTPS+Exclude LAN IP's

  • Greetings guys,

    I am new to Pf sense hence please bear my little knowledge.
    I have a client i am installing pfsense 2.4.3 latest version as of today.

    I want pfsense for following objectives:
    1. Proxy server to avoid them going to certain sites
    2. Track them using squid reports with https filtering as by default it only logs http traffic (Which i noticed)
    3. Exclude the directors ip's use proxy server or pass through proxy server but part of network so that they use accounts server sage x3
    4. Bandwidth allocation

    Please guide me with basics steps, and links so i learn and improve. Please note that all of these above things must go in place for the client.


  • My eyes! All that's missing is a scrolling marquee.

    Unless you have a sight issue, then I apologize, could you try to use a normal sized font? Speaking of fonts, it's like a variation of comic.

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