Serial Console stuck at Bootup Complete after factory reset running 2.3.5

  • pfSense 2.3.5-RELEASE (Patch 1) amd64 Tue Dec 12 13:44:24 CST 2017
    Bootup complete

    FreeBSD/amd64 (pfSense.localdomain) (ttyu1)

    I've tried every possible solutions found here except reflashing the device.
    I am using an SG-8860

    Can anyone provide help?


  • Which image do you run and where did you get it from?

    An SG-8860 should be legit for a "factory image" (vs. community edition). If you download a CE version be sure to get a version with "serial" in its name. Those support serial console out of the box. You might have a version with console output on video header (VGA/HDMI).
    Maybe resetting to factory defaults forced this as well, but I don't know.

  • Netgate Administrator

    On an SG-8860 you need the image with ADI in the name to get the correct console output if you restore it.

    No menu at the console can be a symptom of filesystem damage where the /etc/ttys file affected. You can try booting to single user mode and manually running fsck a number of times but unless you have good reason not to I recommend re-installing.

    If you bought that device from us please open a support ticket and we can help you with that:


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