Multi Wan with only 2 NICs?

  • Hey Guys.

    We've currently got 2 routers in the office on 2 seperate ISPs that are protected with HSRP (they're Cisco's), and I'm looking to implement pfSense so that we can have automatic failover if one of the internet lines goes down. However, the router we have put pfSense on only has 2 NICs.

    My understanding is the WAN port cannot be on the same subnet as the LAN port. Is my only choice to buy an extra NIC for the server?


  • I have a backup pfsense box at home with only 2 nics.  WAN1 and WAN2 are on VLAN's off the same nic and connected a VLAN aware switch that is connected to the two modems.  The nics and switch are GB which is more than the combined speed of the two WAN connections so the speeds aren't much different than with my main pfsense box that has 4 nics.  Being a backup unit I don't use it much, but it works fine when I do.

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