Openvpn not working after pfsense config import to new install

  • We created a new pfsense VM in hyper V and restored a config (after changing the interface entries in the xml) from an old VM in esxi. After powering down the old VM and turning on the new, everything seems to be working fine across all VLANS and networking checks out, but the OpenVPN server is no longer accepting connections. TLS handshake failure trying to connect to the new server from any client. The connection fails regardless of whether or not it's a client that was previously connecting without issue, or a fresh install of the client export in the new pfsense install…..Nothing else has changed on the network, no firewall rules in pfsense or edge routers have changed, and the new pfsense VM has exactly the same network addresses as the old one did.

    Any ideas on what I might have missed that would cause such a problem? Thanks for any suggestions in advance.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Do you see anything logged in the OpenVPN log when clients try to connect?

    The 'TLS handshake timeout' just means that the server didn't respond at all so it either didn't receive the traffic from the client, refused the connection or tried to reply but couldn't. The logs should show which. Not receiving the traffic from the client because something in the route is blocking it would be my guess.


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