How to Install to RAID 1

  • Just after some advice on installing pfsense to a RAID 1.

    Im installing it on an IBM eServer with raid setup on Adaptec card.

    When I start the installation, latest iso, the install sees the three disks I have in the box and
    not the RAID.

    Whats the best way to go about installing it to the RAID.

    Also how to specify the 3rd disk for logging?

    If someone can point me in the right direction.



  • I think this is more of an IBM/Adaptec issue.  You'll need to get into your RAID config on the hardware (think along the lines of BIOS) and setup the array.  Once you do this, FreeBSD 7.1 should be smart enough to see it as two 'drives', one is the two disk array, the other is the third drive for logging.  If you search the forums you should find something on logging to a secondary drive.

    If your hardware doesn't support RAID 1, just ditch the raid and do backups yourself through the GUI.  They are very easy to restore these days.  Software RAID will not be worth your trouble.

  • Thanks for the advice…

    I ctrl A to go into the controller setup and create a RAID 1.

    When the server reboots and it displays the devices attached to the controller
    it shows pfsense (RAID1) and the 3rd disk

    When I go thru the pfsense install it shows da0, da1, da2
    Anyway Ill give it another go and if I can't get it to work Ill just install to single disk and
    as you say backup.



  • pfsense 1.2.2 is based on freebsd 7.0 isnt it.
    Is this the issue with being able to install to the hardware raid.

    On live boot system shows disk c and d being the RAID and single disk.

    It reports some issues with geom as it goes thru.

    When I try and install the disks are shown as 3 disks.

    I have installed Endian, Untangle and both have seen the RAID so know its not a problem
    with the RAID setup,

    Is it worth trying 1.2.3?



  • Be aware that most cheap "hardware" RAID cards require the driver to do the real work, they're little more than drive controllers.  If you've spent less than $/£/€200 on it then it's probably a software RAID card.  The obvious indicator is when you've configured it for mirroring but all the individual drives are visible to the OS before you load their specific driver - which is what you're describing.

  • This the onboard adaptec controller on an IBM eserver 226.
    Pretty sure it does hardware RAID.

    Win2008 sees it as a single RAID disk as does Untangle and Endian during install.

    No worries I've installed it to a single disk and just having a play now.

    I like pfsense some of the features but am probably going to settle on the commercial
    version of Endian. HEaps of features. Nice interface.

    Regards & Thanks


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