ISA Server

  • Hi all,

    We are a vocational training center who uses ISA to have internet on all our students. But now we need to get a substitute and pfsense is in our radar but I have some doubts as we can use many differents aspects from pfsense.

    Our requirements:

    *- Control internet as per user (student)
    *- Using passwords from Active Directory
    *- Make authentication without any adicional pop-up to enter password (preferably!)

    Brief "technologies" in place:

    *- AD
    *- Microsoft Network Policy Server
    *- Certification Authority

    So, what's your advice? Do you know any tutorial to help?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Control internet as per user (student)

    Are you talking about an URL filter here?  Squid + squidguard can do AD auth.

    You should try it out in your lab or test environment, and ask questions as you go if you get stuck.

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