Monomon Alternative

  • I've been using monomon for years, but it's vaporware at this point, and it's starting to become more trouble than it's worth.  I liked how simple and discrete it was.  The only similar thing I've found so far to replace it is "Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor" from Solarwinds, but it's bulky, and kind of a nuisance.  Are there any old monomon users, that have moved on to something else they like?


  • Netgate Administrator

    You mean this?:

    I would have thought you could achieve something very similar with any SNMP client. What features are you looking for in particular?


  • I just really liked how basic it was.  It created a small little graph that sat on top of all windows, and if Internet performance started to seem spotty, you could glance up and see if your Internet connection was getting saturated.  If it was, then you could dive into the GUI and dig into what was hogging the bandwidth.  The only things I've found recently, are big and bulky, and are overkill for what I'm trying to achieve.

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