Is possible to use Amazon's DHCP in pfsense?

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm using pfsense as a router in a VPC -aws environment.

    I want that the routing table on pfsense router is automatically reconfigured when a new instance in VPC is created.

    After hours of struggling I thought that the best option to achieve this is to use DNS with DHCP.

    However only Amazon's dhcp can be used in VPC ( i can't decide the IP addresses of the new instances), so my question was if it is possible to set only DNS in pfsense and get the address from amazon's dhcp service.

    I'm sorry if I'm using some terms improperly but I'm new to everything here ( pfsense, VPC, DHCP and DNS)

    Thanks for your answers!

  • Where is Amazon's DHCP server?  I seriously doubt you'd be able to reach it.  A DHCP server is normally on the local network, though a relay agent can be used if the server is elsewhere.  This means there's need to be a relay agent within reach of your local network and I doubt that exists.  Why would you do that anyway?  What would it get you?  You get your WAN address from your ISP and nowhere else and you'd normally have your own DHCP server for your LAN.  However, you could easily use another DNS server than the one provided by your ISP.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Unless they have some way to target your VPC subnet's DHCP server at an RFC2136 DNS server for dynamic updates, probably not.

    I can't remember ever seeing anything like that.

    There is generally a DNS record inserted into AWS DNS for that though.

  • Hi!

    Thanks for your answers, you were very kind!

    So, it seems to me that my solution does not work and I have to think something else.

    I would like to ask you if you had, based on your experience, any suggestion to achieve my goal, which is: have a software router which detect when there is a new VM inside a VPC.

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