"Simple" QOS Prioritizing by IP address

  • I am trying to do some (what I think is VERY simple) QOS / Traffic Shaping and I just cannot get it work.

    I have a pretty simple network, WAN/LAN, connection speeds are 30 MB down, 2MB up.

    I have two computers that I want to have their traffic prioritized over all other traffic AND I want them to have a guaranteed amount of bandwidth (10/1) however if they aren't using that bandwidth, then I want other devices to be able to utilize it (especially the upload).

    Simple right?  Ya however I can't get it to work.

    I've looked at the Traffic Shaping Guide how to and tips, including tons of forum posts.  I've searched the forums, net, and youtube.  Lots of folks say you need this or need that, but there are no specific steps.

    From what I gather, I think the best way to do this by two queues (upload and download) [[i]instead of limiters right?].  I'm not sure which method though, there is a ton of debate on that, seems HFSC would be the choice but again, I'll defer to the experts.

    I've tried running the traffic shaping wizard and very promptly made a hot mess of things.  It created tons of entries and as far as I can tell and understand, I just need two queues, up and down, and the computers in those take advantage, and those outside don't.  So I'd rather just create the two simple queues.

    Can someone please give me the steps to take to accomplish this?  I did create an alias with the two computers in it (I know, big accomplishment!).

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