SG-4860 Frozen with red Status light on then powers off

  • I have a problem with a 3 years old SG-4860, status LED lights bright red when powering up (LAN and WAN ports LEDs are also lit), and for a few minutes, then it goes dead. Can't connect to the unit at all.

    i opened a support ticket to netgate but they wont help as it's not guaranteed anymore.

  • Galactic Empire

    Just checked with our support, we actually have issued an RMA for you 4860. Looks like you sent a few questions after RMA was issued and our support staff didn't catch it. Someone will respond to your ticket right away. To repeat, RMA was issued for your 4860 :)


  • Thank you I received a new message form netgate support since i created this topic. I will send the unit to Austin for replacement.

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