Having trouble getting LCDProc to work on Lanner FW-7568A

  • Hello,

    Using PFSense ver 2.3.6-DEVELOPMENT and installed package LCDProc ver 0.10.5 per attached picture.

    Have done the following including numerous reboots of the firewall, power cycle, etc.

    Install LCDProc - FW-7568A

    Goto System>Package Manager>Available Packages>

    Search for LCDProc and install it

    After install go to Services>and select LCDProc

    ComPort: Parallel port 1 (/dev/lpt0)

    Display Size: 2 Rows 20 Colums

    Driver: Watchguard Firebox with SDEC

    This option was not available in current version: "Connection Type: Serial LPT wiring "

    Refresh Frequency: 5 Seconds  …

    Dont forget to enable some screens in the Screens tab.

    Go to System Tab > Advanced > Networking Tab then look for "Prefer IPv4 over IPv6" click checked then save it.

    Reboot then fully functional on LCD

    Diagnostics -> Edit File -> "/usr/local/pkg/lcdproc.inc"

    change "localhost" for "" to fix bug

    (where LCD screen only showed "Cli:0 and A=Scr:0" or "-> options")

    All I see on the LCD is top row of squares and it's backlit which is what it always has done.

    Thoughts?  Thanks!
    ![LCDProc Settings.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/LCDProc Settings.jpg)
    ![LCDProc Settings.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/LCDProc Settings.jpg_thumb)

  • @oklord Does anyone have any thoughts on how to use the LCD on the Lanner Firewall with PFSense 2.44