4 NIC, 2 WAN, 1 Plug Ok, 2 Plug No internet

  • Hi, I've 4 NIC, and I'm trying to setup two WAN, on each LAN subnet separately (no failover).

    WAN        -
    LAN        -
    OPT WANGame    -
    OPT LANGame  -

    When I plug in only OPTWANGame, everything (NAT,internet) works fine. I'm using dynamic on OPTWanGame as my ISP gives me a fixed IP (using Get Automatic IP from ISP in my modem)

    However, when I plug in WAN too, but WAN does not have internet (it is my router without modem on, then I can no longer access internet from LAN.

    The OPTWAN_Game shows pending, so I changed from dynamic to static IP and even set a new gateway, no go.

    I do not want default gateway switching enabled, I want each subnet to access each WAN separately.

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