Trunk 3 Nics to 3 Nics No switch

  • Howdy is it posable to run 3 ports from pfsense into (openmeidavault) 3 ports on this, Ive done a fab drawing lol

    I can't seem to get an IP I made the Lagg Assignment but it still will not connect I even bonded the ports on OMV

    Im out of ideas even this can be done without a switch.


  • All fixed issue was on OMV bonding side.

  • Why would you use 3 ports on your router like this when you have a single port feeding the clients ?

    I'd get a switch that supports 802.3ad LACP.

    Create a LAG using a couple of ports off your router and create VLANS, then create a LAG on the switch to OMV and place it in the VLAN you require.

  • I fixed the issue but thanks

    I have no router it was pfsense .

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes, you can setup a LAGG between the firewall and client directly. Or between two firewalls for that matter.


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