Packet loss

  • I've noticed that seconds after I connect Chrome Remote Desktop to a remote pc, packet loss starts to spike.

    I also manage a other site which been giving me a lot of headaches for a long time.

    The first setup there were 1 pfsense router, 3 ac88u AP's and 2 ac66u AP's The clients here are approx 25 students with 75 devices of all sorts connected wirelessly. I have now changed the AP's to router mode, since I still haven't suceeded controlling and fair sharing the bandwidth in pfsense. Also here the problems with packet loss seem to play a role.

    I've been following the quest to Fq_codel on pfsense, and really can't wait for this to be implemented. In the mean time I have tried the various fair share setups that have been presented, but sadly this has not given me a stable network so far. (current setup is 1 in 1 out limiter with 1 child each and a shellcmd to activate fq.codel). Cable internett 150/20 Mb.

    Any one grasping what I'm doing wrong. I can't understand that this should not run silky smooth on a pfsense router (I3-2120 with 8 Gb ram and 2 Intel nics and pfsense 2.4.3-release-p1(amd64))

  • When in doubt, run Wireshark or at least Packet Capture, so that you can get some idea as to what the problem is.

  • @JKnott:

    When in doubt, run Wireshark or at least Packet Capture, so that you can get some idea as to what the problem is.


    I took your advise, even though I have no clue how it works. But when I started Wireshark, I got an message that said it was a new version available… So i updated Wireshark. During installation I was was told something was already installed, would you like to force new install, which I didn't. Started the program to the best of my abilities and tried to capture. I seemed to start capturing, waited a minute, fired up chrome remote and some speedtests to generate traffic. And no packet loss. Wireshark stopped answering, but so far, no packet loss.

    Not what I intended, but so far it seems like upgrading and starting Wireshark might have done the trick...


    Then the behavior was back again. I've tried to the best of my abilities to make a record with Wireshark, but I do not know how its work or what to look for. The saved recordings attached, if someone would be so kind to have a look and explain.

    Also been having having trouble updating my Ipad, and connecting to Netflix on several devices, not sure if thats also related. Switched out my pfsense router with an Asus ac88, and then everything worked fine again...


  • One thing I learned a long time ago is, if you're prepared to watch for a failure, it won't happen.  ;)

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